My history project

The exodusters wanted to help each and other people they wanted freedom they wanted to live their own lives and wanted family and most of all they wanted to live they wanted to be free and they want to be shown for how their lives went and they wanted to break out of hiding they want to live for there own rights . it says right here in the book” that when the civil war ended men and women who had been slaves waited to see what freedom they had .

The land they farmed still belonged to the families who had once owned it because they had no money. former slaves were expected to pay back a share of their crops’’ so the exodusters were going to homestead in the early morning they were all ready until the final clock was ready and then they went all of them were racing each other and they took like 20 miles to get there it was a long journey they been traveling all day long and they didn't stop almost 100 percent of them did not make it only 40 percent of them made it and 60 percent didn't make it but when the finally got there

People were still racing to get there to like buy 120 acres of land or 220 acres of land or 720 acres of land and people who had money bought like 1000 acres of land and you had to be the age of 21 or over or someone who knew how to ride animals they would give you the land for 5 years and you had to make some improvements to the land and if your crops were poor and you don't have very good land they would take your land and they would say that you failed this for 5 years there would kick you out of the house and they would try to sell the land to a different person but that is if you dont have good crops or dont have good land

If you do good you will keep the land and you would have a great land production and you will live a good life and happily ever after but dont stop right there the witness come to your house and want you to sign a final copy for the land so thats when you have a great life some exodusters did not go to the land because they thought that it would be a waste of time and so people thought that they will never make it so wrapping up this story that it was hard for the exodusters to live there life because they were not treated fairly they could not work they could not even go to the store if they sneaked out and they went to the store and the owner of the store would call the police well they would yell police and they would get persecuted for that so the exodusters were not safe alone in streets or anywhere.