My prompt

Many people have a favorite place to go but is it really that fun to go to your best friends place no but my favorite place is skyzone.Skyzone is simple but first when you walk in you have to register and then you have to go to the counter to see how many hours you want to be there. Then the person ask what kind of size you wear. For me i'm a medium sometimes i get large and then you have to put the socks on because if you wear your regular socks you will slip. They want you to wear your skyzone socks because they have grip and so you can have the socks.

Now the real thing. What they have from sky zone is dodgeball the way you play dodge ball there is different, from how you usually play it. Your on two sides and each side has two balls each to start with. When the person says go the person who says go also has one ball he/she throws the ball in the middle and sees who gets the ball then if somebody gets hit in the head the person who threw the ball would be out of the game, but if somebody gets hit with the ball and someone tries to catch it only the person who got hit with it would be out you could bounce up and down and try to catch the ball. Sometimes the referee calls cheap shots.

What also you can do is there is just a open area where you can just jump. You could also just do moves and lots of stuff. What I would do Is go there on a Saturday. When you go there on a daily basis you will see a lot of people theresw